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Thermal Insulation services across London and Nationwide

Our maintenance and repair services can be offered on a contract or ad-hoc basis, according to your needs.

At Thermal Logic we work with a wide variety of on-site maintenance and building management departments.

Some of them rely on us to carry out regular inspections and some simply use our call-out service as and when the need arises. Quality of service and delivery is paramount, whether the job is large or small.

Inspection Services

As part of your health & safety procedures it will be necessary to carry out inspections on your heating and ventilation pipes and ductwork, cladding, insulation materials and temperature control systems on a regular basis.

Thermal Logic provides an inspection support service in which our engineers accompany a representative of your company to perform the careful removal, replacement and resealing of insulation and cladding materials.

By working together with your inspection team repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently; saving you time and money.

With Thermal Logic you can be confident that your maintenance and repairs will be managed to the highest professional standards.

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