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Thermal Insulation services across London and Nationwide

Our considerable hands-on experience gives us a unique perspective on what materials work best, in what combination and under what circumstances.

Whether insulating or applying a wide range of coverings to pipes and ductwork, internal and external applications, we can design a bespoke specification to your requirements. 


We also apply a heat trace system where required to heating or chilled pipework systems.

The type of work we do varies considerably with everything from securing a simple set of preformed pipe sections using class ‘O’ foil facing (sealed and secured with a matching adhesive), to an eight-item specification, which includes anti-embrittlement paint, adhesive, two layers of insulation, joint sealant and vapour seal coating with mesh reinforcement, and finished with sheet metal cladding secured with banding or screws.

With Thermal Logic you can be confident that your project design will be managed to the highest professional standards.

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