Thermal Logic works with many coverings and insulation materials. An outline of a few of the more popular ones can be seen below.

Plysolene PIB
Plysolene PIB is the ideal waterproofing membrane for pipework and ventilation ductwork. Developed over 30 years ago, Plysolene PIB has outstanding properties over a wide temperature range ( -30°C to 100°C) hence it is used globally in oil refineries, chemical works and power stations.

Plysolene is the preferred material for many contractors because it is easy to use, demanding joints and difficult shapes are simply cut and welded on site. Plysolene PIB is produced from high molecular weight polyisobutylene, modified to achieve optimum properties

  • It will not harden
  • Virtually non-ageing
  • Ozone resistant
  • UV resistant

Plysolene PIB amalgamates under pressure hence rolls are supplied either chalked or paper interleaved. The standard colour is Black in a range of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 1.2mm.

VentureClad Plus 1579CW
VentureClad Plus 1579CW is a patented, zero permeability, absolute weather and vapour barrier for insulation cladding and jacketing applications.

A 13 ply, self-adhesive material is as tough as metal jacketing materials but installs quickly and easily and no special tools are required.